Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

COVID 19 Protocol Update

New Protocol for Massage Office Procedures:
Your health and safety has always been my utmost concern. For over 33 years in the industry I have always practiced these procedures.
I pledge to provide the most sanitized environment possible for each treatment session. The standard healthcare guidelines is my concern at all times. I will not compromise the standards set forth by the CDC or the CDPH or Ventura Health Department in accordance to the practice of a essential healthcare providers. Our license and business practices are guided strictly by government agencies. We are required by law to follow all the rules and regulations set forth for the prevention and spread of disease for the safety of the community.
Please know that the treatment room will be disinfected between clients with health standard solutions of 70% alcohol.
Every client is provided with clean sheets and pillowcases and coverings, towels and gowns and robes.
Sheets and linens are supplied by a professional company,
Medical Linen, certified and approved by the CDC for COVID 19. All linen is sent to a professional location for sanitization.
Lotions are in self contained containers to avoid cross contacting.
Facemask are provided and will be worn by the therapist at all times to prevent the spread of COVID 19.
All client information will be in a strict log for the health department to do contact tracing in the event of another outbreak.
Appointments will be spread out accordingly to avoid cross contact with another client.
Extended time between clients is given to disinfect the areas and assure the sanitization is performed as specified.
New Guidelines:
Fill out a new client form online when you make your first appointment.
There is a new online client portal thru Clinic Sense. AMTA approved secure link to run client intake and appointments and billing and invoices and medical charts. 

Call the office before your scheduled treatment if you show any signs of COVID 19 symptoms. *Cancel if in doubt.

COVID 19 Pre- Screening document. Before treatment answer a few questions and sign declaration. Reporting all symptoms of C 19 and declaration that you do not have symptoms of a fever and cough etc. Have not lived with or been in contact with anyone who has C19 for 14 days before treatment. You have self isolated for 14 days from the last exposure. Taking your own temperature is recommended before the day of treatment.
Call before you arrive and be escorted into and out of the building to avoid undue contact in waiting room area.
Practice standard good hygiene before coming in for treatments.
Please wear a mask to your appointment.
Wash your hands and disinfection before and after leaving the building.
Dispose of all waste in a receptacle provided.