Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Outside Restorative Movement Classes

Whole Body Restorative Movement / Take it outside due to COVID 19

Classes are one on one only at this time.

Cost: 8 Classes $400.00 Month or $55.00 per class

8 classes/ meet twice a week / 60 to 90 sessions of instruction

Location and times can vary for the person.

Meet a various locations at beaches, parks, hiking trail heads.

Drive your own car and meet at each location TBD on the date depending on level of experience. 

GAIT Classes  and stretching and hiking. All done at the level of the person.  Addressing their specific alignment and gait issues.  Homework is provided. This is for the person who can not workout alone and can not get to the gym or studio right now during the COVID-19 stay at home order. You can walk and talk and be in the parks and at the beach as of May 2020.




Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

Bring your yoga mat and a towel for ground work.